Episode #270: Blinded by Love and Trust with Amanda Blackwood

Amanda Blackwood is an accomplished artist, author, author, speaker, podcast host, trauma recovery mentor, and a survivor of human trafficking.

She has published dozens of books and launched a Trauma Recovery Mentorship program as well as two podcasts, one featuring other authors of trauma, and one which addresses the long-term effects of trauma and how to fight for a better life.

Amanda shares her incredible story of being trafficked multiple times beginning at the age of eighteen, including how she tried to escape multiple times, finally stopping the cycle of abuse and trafficking after several years. Although this is a difficult and heavy topic to discuss, Amanda shares her story with open honesty and a sense of humor, which leaves her listeners feeling uplifted and encouraged in spite of the subject.

She also shares how she managed to escape the cycle of trafficking, how her life has changed since then, what she did to overcome the trauma, what it has meant to her relationships with others, and the dirty little secret regarding the real statistics regarding trafficking that the media does not tell us.

Download this sobering yet uplifting episode to hear Amanda’s remarkable story and learn how she went from trauma to triumph.








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