Episode #269: Health and Wellness Warrior with April Chavez

April Chavez is the mother of three beautiful miracle daughters, a former police officer, the Viking of Hiking, talk show host, and microphone maven. She is also a survivor who was diagnosed with lupus at the age of fifteen and had been experiencing symptoms since birth.

April combines her life experiences with her passion for serving others by creating The Wellness Driven Life Show, which is a place to serve a large community of people to help them obtain total wellness. She also has the true spirit of a warrior, who decided at a very young age that her diagnosis would not define her, nor would it defeat her. Even though her doctor to April’s mother that she would not live to see her 30th birthday. He was wrong.

April is a real-life hero and health and wellness warrior with a heart to serve others. She shares many pearls of wisdom including how to be the hero of our own journey, the power of collective consciousness and the human condition, the synergy of the warrior and the guardian, and the importance of getting quiet and listening to ourselves for ultimate physical, spiritual, and intellectual health and wellness.

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