Episode #214: The Secret Sauce of Health and Healing with Neil Cannon

Neil Cannon is an author, speaker, Vitality Mentor, and host of the Vitality Secret podcast. His best-selling book is titled “The Vitality Secret.”

Since 2015, Neil has been helping people become free from illness, pain, and medication by balancing their bodies across the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic “Pillars of Vitality.” Neil’s main focus is on reversing chronic inflammation and creating harmony in the body, and his mission is to facilitate his clients’ rapid transformation from sickness to vitality.

Neil understands that the body has an incredible ability to heal itself. He shares his own story of self-healing from several chronic conditions, which launched him on his journey of exploration and life learning. He explains how every illness has a root cause, and once that is addressed, we can all revers illness and age gracefully. He also talks about how we can take radical responsibility for our own health, which is the secret sauce of health and healing. Neil states that “your body’s ability to heal without drugs is greater than anyone in Western Medicine has ever allowed you to believe.”

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