Episode #213: Joy in Life and Freed from Stuck with Susie Hayes

Susie Hayes helps people become FREED from Stuck! By showing them how to access internal resources that they never knew they had, to create what they never knew they could, by combining coaching, counseling, and hypnotherapy.

Susie is also a speaker, teacher, and award-winning author of the book titled “Freed from Stuck! —Dare to Cross the Bridge Beyond Grief, Trauma, and Self-Sabotage to Discover Lasting Change Now.”  She explains how we get stuck in habits and patterns which may not be serving them well and shares valuable insights how to interrupt those patterns to experience the richness and joy in life through self-awareness and self-discovery.

Download this positive and informative episode to learn about Susie’s time-tested, practical, and effective 5-step F.R.E.E.D. Method that she developed and has helped people from all walks of life create lasting and positive change in their lives, and how you can as well.







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