Bonus Episode #10: How I Rescued My Kidnapped Daughters with Lizbeth Meredith

Lisbeth Meredith is a writer, speaker, online teacher, and coach. Her award winning and Amazon best-selling book is a memoir titled “Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters,” and is now a Lifetime television movie. She is also the host of the Persistence U with Lisbeth podcast, which includes stories by and for survivors and strivers, intertwined with a dose of persistence.

Lizbeth shares her harrowing story of picking up her young daughters at day care after spending the day with their non-custodial father, only to discover that they weren’t there. She describes how her abusive husband had kidnapped them and took them out of the country, and the nightmare of fighting to get them back. During this time, she experienced the kindness of strangers as her local community began a grassroots movement to support her and help her get her girls back, which bloomed into a global effort with people all over the world reaching out to help her get her daughters back.

Lizbeth also shares valuable information for parents and care givers on how to keep their children safe, how to recognize an abusive relationship, and how to safely extricate yourself from one. This is an episode that every parent needs to listen to, as well as anyone who suspects they are someone they love could be in an abusive relationship.

Despite this serious and difficult subject, Lizbeth tells it with lighthearted humor, positive energy, and a message of hope for anyone going through a difficult situation. Download this episode to hear her incredible story.

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