Episode #171: The Journey Starts with You with Krisztian Riez

Krisztian Riez is the founder and owner of Mind Bloome, a platform and community for anyone suffering with mental health issues. Like many people, Kris suffered from mental health issues for many years until he developed new skills and behaviors that dealt with addressing the core root of his trauma and mental health challenges.

Kris is now dedicated to helping others find their own path to mental health and wellness. He is also the host of the popular podcast Kris’ Corner, where he and his guests talk about all things mental health.

Kris shares his own personal story, his passion for helping others, and his many insights into how to empower each other simply by sharing our stories and experiences. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step according to Lao Tzu. According to Kris, the journey begins with you.

Download this enlightening and informative episode to learn how you can take that first step and start your own journey to mental health and wellness.




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