Bonus Episode #6: Patience, Practice, Perseverance, and Overcoming Obstacles with Maison Collawn

Maison Collawn is a free lance blogger and host of The MC Anime podcast, which discusses anime, geek culture, as well as Japanese and Asian studies. He is also an expert on overcoming obstacles through patience, practice, and perseverance.

Maison was labeled as developmentally delayed after experiencing multiple seizures as a baby and young child. He was later diagnosed with Asperger’s, Autism, and ADHD. Maison shares his remarkable and inspirational story about thriving and excelling far beyond the expectations placed on him by the experts in his local school system. He explains how his mom never accepted a negative label for him, and that everyone learns differently. He also shares valuable advice for anyone who is struggling with any type of learning disability or challenge.

Maison’s enthusiasm and positive attitude is contagious, and so is his belief that anyone can achieve great things in their lives. Download this inspirational episode to discover how patience, practice, and perseverance can help you overcome obstacles.

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