Episode #140: Breaking Free from A Minister’s Sexual Abuse

Sandy Phillips Kirkham is a wife, mother, grandmother, speaker, advocate, and author of the award-winning book “Let Me Prey Upon You: Breaking Free from A Minister’s Sexual Abuse.” Her book documents her story from an innocent sixteen-year-old victim to survivor and advocate.

Sandy shares her story of how a charismatic youth minister preyed upon her, taking advantage of her youth and innocence to trap her into a relationship filled with physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. She takes us on her journey of healing which began twenty-seven years after the abuse ended and confronting both her abuser as well as the church elders who knew about the abuse but covered his crime to protect the church.

Sandy’s strength and courage gives hope and inspiration to other victims of clergy abuse, and she uses her voice to help others heal, as well as to educate other pastors, churches, and the public to be alert and aware of signs of grooming and potential abuse. You do not want to miss this!




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