Episode #139: Finding Financial Freedom


Does having financial freedom seem impossible to achieve? Think again. Tina Ziegler is an entrepreneur, mom, co-founder, and co-owner of WealthyIQ, a company dedicated to protecting families from financial enslavement and devastating future taxation. She, along with her husband and business partner Jeff, help make it easy for people to transform debt into wealth.

Tina shares her personal story of achieving financial freedom and then losing it all due to a series of unexpected life events. After depleting their savings and acquiring large amounts of debt to get through their life’s challenges, Tina and her husband managed to eliminate their debt, accumulate passive income, and enjoy financial freedom once again.

Tina explains how she and Jeff have developed a Master Plan to help their clients free themselves of financial stress and worries so they can enjoy a better quality of life free of debt. She is passionate about her work and believes that everyone can live debt free. Download this episode to discover how you can find your financial freedom.



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