Episode #138: Making All the Right Moves


Orrin Hudson is a dad, former Alabama State Trooper, Air Force Veteran, world renowned chess champion, author of the book titled “One Move at a Time, How to Win at Chess and Life.” He is also a speaker, facilitator, founder and owner of Be Someone, a Georgia-based nonprofit which provides youth-focused development programs on how to win in life by using the game of chess.

As a troubled teen heading down a dangerous life path, Orrin’s English teacher reached out to him and taught him how to play chess, which helped turn his life around and turned him into a world class champion. Orrin now pays it forward by teaching at risk kids how to use brains before bullets, by using the critical thinking and decision-making skills acquired through playing chess.

Since starting his nonprofit organization, Orrin has already taught 88,000 kids how to make good choices in life, and that every move you make has consequences. His goal is to reach ONE MILLION kids. Download this episode to hear Orrin’s story, and to help him reach his goal.


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