Episode #106: Why Martial Arts Are For Everyone, and Every Body


Sensei Ando Mierzwa is a coach, tutor, teacher, and martial artist extraordinaire. He is also the owner and director of Happy Life Martial Arts. After discovering martial arts as a teenager, Ando realized that martial arts were the key to finding a happy, healthy, balanced life, and well worth fighting for.

Ando believes that martial arts are not just something you do; it is something you become. He also believes that martial arts are for everyone, and everybody can participate and benefit from some form of martial arts and self-defense training. Ando shares many of the lessons he has gleaned from his many years or training and teaching that you can apply to your everyday life. He explains why it’s important to fight for a happy life, and why he believes that martial artists should be role models in this wild and crazy world.

Ando’s dream is to have a world where all the good guys have the ability tap into their full power. Download this this energetic, uplifting, and informative episode today to get inspired to fight for a happy life.

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