Episode #100: Discover The Wonder Of You

Lynn Russell is an author, speaker, Unitarian Chaplain, and an expert on near death experiences. But she is so much more than that.

 When Lynn was just 5 months old, she almost died when she contracted whooping cough and developed pneumonia in both lungs. She survived, but the doctor told her mother that she may be intellectually and mentally impaired because of her high fever. At the age of 7 Lynn was assessed as mentally slow and was placed in a special class for mentally disabled students.  

Lynn spent most of her life being bullied, tormented, and called stupid and dumb, even by her own family. She was incredibly shy, easily intimidated, and extremely extroverted. After a disastrous marriage ended in divorce, Lynn had a nervous breakdown. According to Lynn, it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Download this episode to hear Lynn’s story as she shares it with charm, grace, and humor.    

Website: https://lynnkrussell.com/

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