Episode #101: Finding Your Passion and Lighting the Fire Within

Thea Charles started her career in the medical field as a Histocompatibility Specialist and Compliance Officer. But it was a path that didn’t keep her internal fires burning. She wanted to find her passion, and a career that would light the fire within her.  

Thea pursued a career as a life coach, becoming a Crossroads Coach and Personal Brand Stylist for life and business, and eventually launching her own business at Thea Renel Coaching. She believes that when you know your purpose you can build the confidence to show who you are to the world. Thea has a knack for helping clients see the big picture, zero in on what they desire, and create manageable steps to get there.

Thea also believes in faith over fear, which helped her make her own transition from a career in the medical field to one that filled her soul with passion. She is also the mom of two boys, a wife, travel enthusiast, accomplished flutist, lover of tea and a good mural, and the host of the Push Or Pivot Podcast. Download this episode today to discover how you can light your own internal fire.




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