Author: Cheryl Ilov

Bonus Episode #4: The Art of Compassion with Cheryl Nifoussi

Cheryl Nifoussi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is also certified in psychoanalysis as well as marriage and family therapy. She is also the author of the newly released book “Feelings Are Friends,” a book focused on school age children and their care givers which teaches kids compassion, problem solving, and decision making.

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Episode #164: Heart Fire, Spirit, and A Higher Power with Thomas Wurm

Thomas Wurm is the owner and creator of Mountain Mind Tricks, a company which focuses on life coaching, guided meditation, fitness, and nutrition. He is a Wildland Firefighter, Master NLP practitioner, author, coach, sports nutritionist, and fitness trainer. Thomas is also the host of The Conscious Fire Culture Podcast, which is about alternative mental health for wildland firefighters and connecting them with alternative methods of healing.

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Episode #163: Awareness, Potential, and Human Dignity with Scott Forrester

Scott Forrester is a movement expert, mind-body specialist, licensed PTA (physical therapy assistant), Certified Personal Trainer, and Feldenkrais practitioner. He is also the host of The Aware Athlete Show and author of the book “The Aware Athlete: How the Wild Origins of our Human Nature and the New Science of Neuroplasticity are Redefining Fitness.

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Episode #161: Giving Hope and Making an Impact with Bettina Brown

Bettina Brown is a physical therapist who is also board certified in both wound care and lymphedema management. Her professional experience, continuing education and expertise led her to work with clients one-on-one who are either going through, or have gone through, breast cancer treatment and lymphedema.

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Episode #159: God’s Plan and Barking for Balance with Pat Buttitta

Pat “Packman” Buttitta is a dog behavior and rehabilitation specialist, founder, and owner of Packman to the Rescue: K9 Solutions and Coaching where he focuses on training people, not dogs. What makes Pat’s story so compelling is that he was afraid of dogs for over 25 years. However, once he confronted and overcame his fear of dogs his life changed forever.

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Episode #158: Climbing the Mountain of Life

Jamie MoCrazy is a keynote speaker, resilience advocate, and resilience sport expert. She is also a TBI survivor and co-founder of MoCrazy Strong, an organization which provides TBI specific opportunities and education as well as inspirational keynotes, programs, and workshops for TBI survivors and corporate organizations.

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Let Your Dreams Be Your Guide


What are your dreams, and with whom do you share them? Do you keep them to yourself for self-reflection and contemplation, or do you hold them close to your heart? Or, are you someone who doesn’t remember your dreams?

I come from a tribe who have very vivid dreams and share them freely with each other. Or at least we used to when we were younger and spent so much time together. I grew up in a house with 4 sisters, 2 bedrooms, and 1 bathroom, so privacy itself was a dream. I never had my own room until I was 21 and a senior in college. That, my friends, was a dream come true!

But until that time, we shared everything, including our dreams. We even tried to analyze what they might mean, although some were pretty easy to figure out. Like the dream my mother had when my grandmother died, ten years after my grandfather did. She dreamed that she was alone on the property where her childhood home stood, and where she was born. The house was gone. Vanished. All that was left of the site was dirt. She wandered alone over the mounds of dirt, desperately looking for her parents as well as her childhood friends.

My mom woke up with a heavy heart, and she told me about it when I called her a few days later, as I was safely ensconced in my own apartment. Which also included my own room, my own closet, and my own bathroom. “Oh, Mum,” can’t you see what that symbolizes?” Mom replied, “I never thought of it that way.”

Dreams give us a way to process our feelings, emotions, fears, desires, and so much more. Hmm, perhaps we should pay closer attention to them. Sweet dreams.