Episode #316: The Power of Scalar Light Healing with Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino is a distinguished scalar energy researcher who specializes in the profound realm of scalar energy, which is the fundamental life force permeating every aspect of our world, space, and the universe. His groundbreaking theories propose that scalar energy serves as the genesis of all energy in the universe.

Tom has developed scalar energy instruments capable of transmitting instructive energy to heal individuals remotely, and with remarkable success in treating various quantum illnesses. He explains how his work is inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla, who did extensive experimentation with what he called “radiant energy,” and believed that if it was harnessed correctly, it could offer endless possibilities for humanity.

Tom followed Tesla’s research with his own, and for the past fifty years developed his own unique technology where he can download corrective energy for people around the world, and creating a positive change in their energy field to promote quantum healing.

He describes how he created his instrument which captures the energy from the sun and the stars, providing an endless source of free energy. He also describes the healing power of energy and light, how energy is the same as chi or prana, how scalar energy can put an end to the energy crisis, how it can balance and realign our chakras, and how light feeds our body, mind, spirit, and soul.

Download this fascinating, enlightening, and positive episode to discover how you can access the power of scalar light healing.

QUOTE: Quantum health is human health at an energetic level, not a biological level. 




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