Episode #315: Your Body is Your Number One Asset with Ian Clark

Ian Clark is the owner and CEO of Activation Products, Inc., which has built a solid reputation for valuable research in the natural health space by developing the most effective protocols and pure products that support natural healing.

At the age of 46, Ian was diagnosed with several life-threatening health issues all at the same time and was given a life expectancy of less than 3 years. Fueled by a purpose-driven passion to live beyond a prognosis of 3 years, Ian took it upon himself to prioritize his health and wellness, and now he is on a mission to help others do the same.

Ian shares his personal story of watching two of his uncles die of cancer in spite of following the prescribed medical protocols, and he was determined not to follow the same path. He surmised that there must be better and more natural paths to healing, which launched him on a journey to find them. Twenty years later, at the age of 65, Ian’s health and his energy levels are better than they were at the age of 25.

Ian shares his incredible journey of how he escaped an early death, and how others can learn how to manage and heal their own bodies. He includes valuable insights including that our body is our number one asset, how we are responsible for taking care of it, that health and vitality requires being mobile, agile, flexible, and strong, while also having endurance, stamina, powerful brain function, and high emotional intelligence.

He also explains that we have been programed to believe that the older we get, the more struggles we will have. Ian brilliantly busts that myth and explains that we need to forget about our age. Instead, think about today, and being heathier tomorrow, and improving your health each day after that until you are becoming better, brighter, and stronger every day.

Download this fascinating and information packed episode to learn why your body is your best asset and how you can take care of it, for life!

QUOTE: “We are programmed to believe that the older we get the more struggles we’ll have.”







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