Episode #291: Shifting Your Mindset and Taking Control of Your Life with Debbie Weiss

Debbie Weiss is a best-selling author, coach, speaker, and podcaster who inspires women to take control of their lives by harnessing their inner power regardless of their circumstances. With over 50 years’ experience dealing with some of life’s toughest challenges, Debbie is an expert in chasing your own dreams in spite of your circumstances. She is the author of the book titled “On Second Thought, Maybe I Can,” and co-author of the Amazon best-selling collaborative book “Heart Whispers.” She is also an entrepreneur, running both an insurance agency and her online store, “A Sprinkle of Hearts.”  She hosts the Maybe I Can podcast and is a family caregiver and mother.

Debbie has overcome her own limiting beliefs and fears, allowing her to live her best life and it is her passion to help others do the same. She shares her personal story of having an epiphany when she turned 50 and she realized that she was stuck in a victim mentality, which was controlling her life.

She decided she needed to make a change, so she changed the script, took matters into her own hands, and began her journey of transformation by taking small steps, and the first one on her list was to get healthy. That one small step led to another, and another, With Debbie eventually overcoming her own limiting beliefs and fears, allowing her to live her best life.

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