Episode #286: Be a Better Being with Michelle Zellner

Michelle Zellner is an author, speaker, health and happiness strategist, Founder of Better Beings, creator of the You Revolution, YOU Revolution Youniversity, and host of the Better Being Podcast.

As a former competitive gymnast, exercise has always been an integral part of her life. After earning her master’s degree in Kinesiology, she launched her own business called Better Beings, providing personal training services. Michelle eventually expanded her services to help people not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Her tagline is Better Minds, Better Bodies, Better Beings. Her book is titled “The YOU Revolution: the Journey of a Better Being, followed by another passion project called “The PFF is your BFF Handbook: a Simple Guide to Fueling Your Busy Body.”

Michelle describes the many life lessons she learned as a competitive gymnast, along with her journey into the world of personal training before it was recognized as a profession. She also shares valuable information regarding how to be a better being by finding balance in your life, including recognizing your goals and values, and finding the passion that fuels your fire.

Michelle also busts the many myths of weight loss, including that not all calories are created equal, why sugar is the devil, why fat is your friend, and how you can have the health and body that you’ve always strived to have.

Download this informative episode to learn how you can be a better being, and hear Michelle’s big reveal, and how YOU can be a part of it.







https://a.co/d/7kAfICI  YOU Revolution

https://a.co/d/3oZ2lda  PFF is Your BFF Handbook

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