Episode # 284: A Fearless Champion for Masculinity with Nico Lagan

Nico Lagan is an influential entrepreneur, men’s coach, and host of the thought-provoking podcast The Nico Lagan Show.

Growing up without a strong male figure, Nico found himself idolizing the wrong role models and fell into a life of addiction and drug dealing until he eventually realized the need for positive change in his life. He is now on a mission to be a voice for men and empower them to reclaim their purpose and masculinity.

During his life’s journey and personal transformation, Nico realized that in today’s society, masculinity is often under attack, and traditional values associated with men are deemed controversial. Undeterred by opposition, Nico fearlessly advocates for strong men and believes in bringing back the fundamentals of true masculinity. He emphasizes the importance of virtues such as being a protector, a provider, courageous, temperate, and having faith. Nico’s journey towards self-discovery and purpose was catalyzed when he decided to take a step back from the corporate world and embarked on a transformative solo motorcycle journey. This soul-searching adventure led him to embrace his true calling and ignited his passion for helping men find their purpose and identity.

Nico’s approach to empowering men is encapsulated in the “5 Virtues of a Good Man.” He stresses the importance of being a protector, provider, courageous, temperate, and having faith. These virtues serve as a guideline for men to cultivate their manliness and become better leaders in their families, communities, and society as a whole.

Download this powerful episode to hear Nico’s story and what he refers to as his sometimes-controversial point of view.








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