Episode #283: Surviving the Holocaust with Vivien Sieber

Dr. Vivien Sieber is a biologist and experienced lecturer with a specialty in genetics and academic development. She is also an author, daughter, and granddaughter of Holocaust survivors.

Vivien’s book titled “Kino and Kinder” chronicles the story of a European Jewish family’s struggle to survive in the face of Nazi antisemitism and the Holocaust. It is a family Holocaust history that chronicles the journey of a family run cinema in Vienna to a matron of a hostel for girls saved by the Kindertransport.

Vivien shares her poignant and powerful family history including how her grandmother had owned and run a cinema as a family business with her older sister, losing her cinema when it was seized by Nazis, and sending her young son to the UK to escape the Nazis, and finally leaving Vienna herself and ultimately becoming a matron at a hostel which served as a safehouse for girls who escaped the Nazis.

Although she shares the horrors and atrocities of the Nazis and the Holocaust, Vivien also shares the many positive stories of hope and the kindness of strangers who not only helped Jews escape to safety, but also the many who helped her with the extensive research that went in to writing the book. She also shares the many lessons that came from this terrible time in history, and the most important message of all—never forget.

Download this moving and enlightening episode to hear her story, as well as the many important lessons learned, and why we need to never allow it to happen again.









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