Episode #276: Reverse the Root Cause of Back Pain for Life with Ryan Peebles

Dr. Ryan Peebles is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and creator of Core Balance Training, a unique movement retraining program which permanently reverses the root cause of back pain. He now helps thousands of back pain sufferers every year to get back to the activities they want to do and love to do while living a pain-free life.

Dr. Ryan shares his own personal experience of chronic and debilitating back pain beginning at the young age of seventeen, and struggling with it for over a decade, until he final had an epiphany and realized he had to take responsibility for his health and heal his own back.

That decision launched him on an incredible journey of research, self-education, eventually earning his DPT, and creating a program to help people completely eliminate low back pain by teaching them how to activate the deep core muscles which stabilize and support their spine. Dr. Ryan explains how his method is based on natural human development, the connection of the core to functional movement, the importance of listening to our body, and shares the one little known secret that can prevent and eliminate low back pain forever.

If you or anyone you know struggles with low back pain, this episode is for you! Download it today and learn how you can reverse the root cause of back pain, for life.






https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYFOwxhI3OM (Master Class)

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