Episode #275: Ditch the Diets and Lose the Fat with Dr. Cody Golman

Dr. Cody Golman is a Quantum Life and Health Coach and Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. At the young age of 17 he joined the military, and at 19 became a tank commander in the United States Army. He struggled with severe injuries and multiple injuries until he discovered natural ways to regain his health.

He transformed his life, became a chiropractor, and at 25 established one of Denver’s largest healing centers. Since then, he has integrated his experience, education, and expertise to create a virtual weight loss company, combining natural health methods with uplifting psychological principles.

Dr. Golman has a deep desire to inspire, empower, and help others unlock their full potential by improving the quality of their health. He shares his remarkable story of transformation and healing as well as many valuable tips and terrific information including, why diets don’t work, why sugar is killing us, why fat in our diet is imperative to health, wellness, and permanent weight loss.

If you are interested in health, wellness, and permanent weight loss for life, this episode is for you! Download it today and share it with everyone you know who would like to ditch the diets and lose the fat, for life!






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