Episode #263: Stop Drinking, Start Living with Lily Weis

Lily Weis is a Certified Alcohol Freedom Coach, Certified Naked Mind Coach, and co-host of the Sober Chick Life podcast.

Lily got her sparkle back after her own struggle with alcohol ended with the epiphany that life is more fun and adventurous when free from alcohol, and getting there does not have to be miserable. She is known for being a refreshing and joyful voice on overcoming alcohol addiction.

She explains how her drinking had left her living a life that was small and sad, and completely out of alignment with her otherwise healthy, active, and positive outlook on life. That lifestyle included extensive travel and activities which were also fueled by what she happily describes as her enthusiasm disorder.

Realizing that something had to change. She stopped drinking completely, became a coach to help others do the same, and reclaimed her power and her joy.

Lily describes the effects of alcohol on a physiological level, including how it impacts the function of the chemicals in our brain, the physical and psychological effects, and how it holds us hostage. And she does it all with no judgment, a sense of humor, and unbridled enthusiasm.

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