Episode #260: The Power of Owning Your Story with Marsha Vanwynsberghe

After twenty-five years as a kinesiologist and personal trainer, Marsha Vanwynsberghe spent the past five years navigating her way through several family and life crises when substance abuse entered into her family, affecting her two teenagers at a very young age.

It became Marsha’s mission to share her story openly and honestly with the world to help inspire and encourage others to share theirs as well. Since making that decision, she has been a published as a contributing author in three collaborative books, launched her podcast called “Own Your Choices, Own Your Life” and published her best-selling solo book titled “When She Stopped Asking Why.”

Marsha also became a Storytelling Business Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer who helps people heal from their stories and share them with the world. She shares her personal journey of trying to navigate through the substance abuse of her two sons among the guilt, shame, and judgement of the people closest to her, as well as experiencing her own health crisis at the same time.

After having major back surgery, two near death experiences, and being hospitalized without being able to have anyone with her because of the pandemic, Marsha knew she had to change the trajectory of her life. She began sharing her story with local media, school administrators, and other moms in an online support group, eventually leading her to a career in coaching and publishing.

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