Episode #259: The Opportunity of Diversity and the Camp of Healing with Michael Martin

Michael Martin is a certified crystal healer, meditation guide, author, host of the Project Mindfully Outdoors podcast, and healing guide who lives the adventure of the wilderness.

He is also an avid outdoorsman and sportsman who experienced a perfect storm of life changing events which caused him to retreat into the wilderness where he could begin to work through the depression and anxiety struggles that had plagued his life, and now he coaches others to do the same by embracing the adventure of healing.

Mike describes how he went from being homeless, hopeless, and completely broken, to surviving a suicide attempt. He explains how hearing one podcast the following morning changed the trajectory of his life and reminded him of his own unique skill sets and inherent gifts. He realized that trying to function in a concrete world was not serving him well, and he rediscovered his true self and life’s purpose in the wild.

In this fascinating, positive, and enlightening episode, Mike shares many words of wisdom and valuable tips including the healing power of nature, the act of self-correction, self-conservation, the opportunity of diversity, how we can all rediscover our inherent gifts and unique skills by looking within ourselves.

Download this powerful episode to hear Mike’s story and discover the opportunity of diversity and the camp of healing.







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