Episode #253: Killing Dadzilla and Moving Beyond Adversity with Dr. Brad Miller

Dr. Brad Miller is a husband, father, grandfather, pastor, podcaster, transformational leader, founder at Forty Day Way, and host of the Beyond Adversity Podcast. He helps people crush adversity to achieve Peace, Prosperity, and Purpose in their lives. He also has the distinct honor of killing Dadzilla and saving his daughter’s wedding.

Dr. Brad is a gifted storyteller who skillfully weaves his story of becoming Dadzilla when his daughter asked him to officiate her wedding, and how what should have been his greatest joy became his greatest challenge. Overcome with an overwhelming and irrational fear that he was going to ruin his daughter’s special day, Brad underwent a dramatic personal transformation as he implemented his own Plan of Profound Change. In the process, he developed a passion for helping others do the same.

Download this poignant, powerful, and deliciously entertaining episode as Dr. Brad shares his story, as well as his honest vulnerability as he reveals his current adversity, and who is helping him face it with strength and dignity. You do not want to miss this!








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