Episode #254: Making Every Smile Beautiful with Dale Audrey

Dale Audrey is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Oral Fitness Coach with 40 years’ experience as an Oral Care Professional and Pioneer who has dedicated her career to make her patients’ journey in oral care easier and less stressful.

In 2007 she launched the first Natural Oral Care line developed by a hygienist, earning multiple awards and accolades while impacting hundreds of thousands of people around the world to achieve better oral health. Dale is passionate about helping people improve their general health and quality of life by avoiding common dental problems. She shares valuable information including the harmful ingredients and chemicals in traditional oral care products, and how we can actually stop and even reverse the progression of dental disease by using natural products that support our oral health.

Download this fascinating episode to learn more. Dale offers complimentary consultations to answer questions to help you on your journey to better oral health and offers a discount promo code to listeners of The FemiNinja Project. The code is included below in the links.









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