Episode #248: 14 Days in Beijing with Chancellor Jackson

Chancellor Jackson is an author, educator, coach, and entrepreneur. After graduating from Stetson University with a degree in Communication and Media Studies, Chancellor lived abroad, in China, from 2018-2019. His career as an author was launched after his traumatic experience of being arrested and detained in Beijing for 14 days.

His first book is titled “14 Days in Beijing,” and has ranked #1 on Amazon over 15 times in multiple genres. He has also released a romantic saga about a man’s first step toward emotional intelligence titled “You Love and You Learn,” and “Real Love Never Dies.”

Chancellor describes his harrowing story of hearing a knock on his door after enjoying a bit of cannabis before going out for an evening with his friends. His plans abruptly changed when there was a knock on his door, with three policemen on the other side.

He shares his incredible story with a remarkable sense of humor and positive energy. He takes the listeners on an incredible roller coaster ride while describing his experience as well as many valuable life lessons, including personal responsibility, accountability, staying calm in an emotional storm, and why attitude is everything.

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