Episode #239: The Balanced Business Dad Movement with RJ Campbell & Dustin Hoog

 RJ Campbell and Dustin Hoog are fathers, husbands, and entrepreneurs who co-founded The Balanced Business Dad Movement and podcast based on their own experiences and struggles in maintaining balance in their lives. They developed the Dad Up framework to help and coach other men to Be Better Every Day by focusing on balancing what they define as the Six Pillars of their lives.

RJ and Dustin share their journey and story, and like every good story, it starts in a bar. They describe how they realized that although they felt they both had great marriages, family lives, and businesses, there was something missing for both of them. That something was balance, resulting in a deep discussion and the creation of their coaching and support services for men, including building strong relationships and brotherhood between men where they can freely discuss their struggles.

Download this encouraging and positive episode to learn how The Balanced Business Dad Movement is changing lives, one Dad at a time.  This is a fantastic episode that you’ll want to share with your friends, family, and all the men in your life.





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