Episode #205: The Healing Power of Hope and Prayer with Wendy Wallace

Wendy Wallace is a wife, mother of three, Christian Living and Positivity Coach, and inspirational content creator at One Exceptional Life. She is also the most positive and happy quadruple amputee you’ll ever meet.

When a flesh-eating bacterial infection resulted in a coma, three-month long hospital stay, and amputation of both hands and feet, Wendy is now on a mission to help and encourage others to overcome life’s challenging times with faith, courage, and hope.

Wendy shares her story about how what began as flu-like symptoms ended up with her almost losing her life to a devastating bacterial infection. The doctors told her family she would not survive, and to say their good-byes. Instead of saying good-bye, her husband rallied their many friends, family, and coworkers to pray for her recovery. Once a prayer chain was started, Wendy’s journey of healing began.

Wendy talks about the many lessons learned in her journey, how she never lost faith or hope, and how she learned to have fun in the turning point in her recovery. Her story is positive, encouraging, and delivered with a sunny disposition and an attitude of gratitude, peace, and joy. Her positive attitude is infectious, contagious, and enlightening.

Download this inspirational and positive episode to hear her story and the healing power of faith, hope, and prayer.








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