Episode #204: Living a Heart Centered Life with Kristin Fields Chadwick

Kristin Fields Chadwick is a podcast host, podcast producer, a Spirit Led Transformational Coach, and mother of four. She is also the host of the Wholistic Podcasting podcast and the Wholistic Hearts podcast. Kristin loves championing others to use their voice and bring their story out to the world.

Kristin shares how her own accidental journey into the world of podcasting led her to find the power of her own voice, including how to set better boundaries for herself and her family. She also explains the importance of sharing our stories and why your voice matters. Kristin also gives valuable tips about setting strong boundaries, how to articulate your message clearly and succinctly, and how to live a heart centered life.

Download this gentle yet powerful episode to discover how you can find your own voice and live a heart centered life.




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