Episode #198: Surviving the Killing Fields with Sara Im

Sara Im is a survivor of the Killing Fields of Cambodia after being held captive by the Communist Khmer Rouge for 4 years in the unspeakably horrible conditions of a harsh labor camp. She is an author, speaker, the owner of a wellness business called Smart Healthy Living. She is the author of the book titled “How I Survived the Killing Fields: A Story of Hope, Love, and Determination.”

Sara is also the co-host of a weekly live show on Facebook called A Thriving Conversation. She and her co-host are both women from war-torn countries who turned their lives around when given a second chance to thrive in the USA. Through their episodes, they offer others hope, courage, and love to encourage others during life’s most difficult times.

Sara shares her remarkable and inspiring story of being captured by the soldiers at gunpoint, forced to work in the rice fields under grueling conditions, surviving several life-threatening illnesses, and ultimately escaping in the middle of the night through the jungle with three fellow captives.

Her story will give you chills, along with renewed hope and faith in the human spirit and the inner strength that kept her moving forward. She believes that because she survived when so many didn’t it is her duty to help others go beyond survival to live a life of harmonious unity in body, mind, and spirit.

This is very uplifting and even light-hearted episode despite the seriousness of the subject because Sara has such a positive outlook on life as well as a loving and forgiving spirit regarding her captives as well as a sense of humor that this episode will resonate with you for months to come. Download it and listen to it today to hear Sara’s miracle of surviving the Killing Fields.







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