Episode #199: Life Lessons, Zen Buddhism, and the Martial Way with Chris Smith

Chris Smith is the creator and host of the “Chatty Geek, Hidden Dragon” independent podcast and livestream about mental and social health, as well as embracing all the qualities which make us unique.

Chris is a martial artist with over 20 years of training, has achieved the high rank of 4th Dan, and has had the honor of representing Great Britain on two occasions in international competitions. He practices Zeb Buddhism and is a member of a sangha called the Western Chan Fellowship and is an advocate mental and social health and well-being.

Chris shares his personal journey of entering the world of martial arts, his respect and admiration for his teacher Master Lee, and how it created a passion for lifelong learning and to pursue a deeper desire to follow the martial way. He also shares many of the secrets of his training, the philosophies, and why he continues to train. And he does it all with his remarkable wit and delightful sense of humor.

Download this energetic, entertaining, and informative episode to learn the life lessons and the secrets of the martial way and Zen Buddhism.






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