Bonus Episode #11: Changing the Stigma of Schizophrenia with Dale Walsh

Dale Walsh is a mental health coach who specializes in helping families of those diagnosed with schizophrenia. He is the creator of the LIVELOVE method to help his clients, and he is guided by the mantra “recover is always an option.”

Dale has had his own struggle with schizophrenia beginning in 1975 when he was confined in a locked psychiatric unit with an acute psychotic episode. That episode was beginning of Dale’s roller coaster ride in dealing with schizophrenia. However, he has been psychosis-free since 1993 and completely hospital-free since 2005. Today he is intent on helping families deal with the daily challenge of caring for a loved one diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Dale is also determined to remove the stigma regarding schizophrenia, remove the judgment surrounding the diagnosis, and promote the message that recovery is possible, regardless of what the experts may say. He shares many stories of his personal journey, including how he managed to maneuver his path around the obstacles of recovery. Most of all, he wants to emphasize that schizophrenia is NOT a death sentence.

Dale is the host of the podcast called Straight, Sane, and Sober, the author of multiple collections of poetry, and is currently working on his memoir. Download this fascinating episode to hear his incredible story, and how we can all help change the stigma of schizophrenia.

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