Episode #185: Overcome Obstacles Using Pleasant Persistence with Jessica Stephens

Jessica Stephens is a former corporate marketer turned social marketer, online entrepreneur, coach, and podcast host. She is passionate about supporting people in transforming their daily actions to be on purpose and to love their life.

Her podcast is called “I Just {Blank}, Now What?” and is about sharing stories of everyday people who have unexpected situations happen to them, and how they moved on from them. These stories inspire and empower others to help them navigate their own “now what” moments.

Jess explains how (and why) she left her lucrative corporate career to launch her own business, and the many life lessons she learned along the way. She also shares valuable information how you can transform your life using pleasant persistence to overcome obstacles, how to connect with your deepest feelings, and how to break up with a career. Her enthusiasm and positive is contagious and energizing.

Download this episode to learn her secrets and be inspired to love your life!

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