Episode #172: Martial Arts, Mat Chats, and Creativity with Sara Deacon

Sara Deacon is an enthusiastic life coach, faithful believer, energetic martial artist, lifelong artist, and mom of three young sons. She is passionate about martial arts, personal development, and lifelong learning. Sara is also the host of the popular podcast Martial Arts and Crafts.

Sara explains that she became hooked on martial arts simply by watching her sons’ karate classes and listening to the mat chats that occurred during class. These included many positive life lessons that applied both on and off the mat, including respect, discipline, commitment, etiquette, confidence, and mindfulness. By the time all three of her boys were enrolled in class, she decided to join them on the mat, a decision that continues to shape the trajectory of her life today.

Sara shares her fascinating story of earning her black belt, becoming an instructor, changing the direction of her business after the pandemic hit, and how her martial arts training has guided the course of her life, her relationships, and her creativity. Download this episode to find out how you can use the same lessons to improve every aspect of your life as well.







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