Episode #169: When Life Throws You Curve Balls with Rhonda Bolich-Lampos

Rhonda Bolich-Lampo is a Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, speaker, author, and body reset coach. Her book is titled God Winks and Miracles Happen: A Story About Love, Faith, and Hope. She also has an eBook titled How to Protect Your Assets, Including Health, Life, and Business. Rhonda also has a signature talk titled How to Handle a Detour in Life, where she educates and inspires her audiences to be proactive and to prevent costly mistakes when life throws you curve balls.

Rhonda shares why she is so passionate about helping others achieve maximum health and wellness, and why it is so important to be able to cover our assets. She also explains the importance of have a circle of support groups to help you through the tough times. Download this informative and educational episode to make sure you have all your bases covered for when life throws you curve balls.






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