Episode #168: Breaking Free from Therapist Abuse with Amy Nordhues

Amy Nordhues is a writer, author, speaker, and married mother of three. She is also a survivor of both sexual abuse as a child and as an adult at the hands of a mental health professional. Her recently released memoir has already earned an award as well as rave reviews.

Amy shares how she fell prey to a predatory psychiatrist who also happened to be a highly respected elder at the church she attended. She describes the how he skillfully manipulated her, using the insidious process of grooming to ensnare her in his trap. Amy’s pleas for help from her close friend and mentor were not only ignored, but she was also scolded for speaking negatively about a church elder and respected physician.

Having nowhere else to go and no one to turn to, Amy was trapped in a web of abuse until she final found the strength and courage to break free. She now shares her story to help, support, and educate others who have fallen prey to clergy and therapist abuse, as well as to help potential victims recognize the danger signs before it’s too late.

Download this episode to hear Amy’s story, and how she managed to find peace and healing through the Ultimate Healer, who had never left her side, even in her darkest hours.




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