Episode #165: Unraveling the Mantel of Shame with Katie Gilbertson

Katie Gilbertson is a licensed mental health professional, founder and owner of Rainy Day Therapy, women’s advocate, host of the Shame Rebel Podcast, and proud dog mom.

Through Katie’s own journey of self-awareness and discovery, she realized how much shame she was carrying and how it was impacting her life, her relationships, and her choices. She decided to go deeper and unravel the mantel of shame to understand where it was coming from, until she finally eliminated it from her life. As a life coach, she helps her clients do the same to help them enjoy a fulfilling life, free from guilt and shame.

Katie’s work focuses on boundaries, shame, self-esteem, relationships, and trauma. Her podcast provides space for people to share their stories, because Katie understands that healing comes from being heard. Her goal is that the show can be a resource for listeners as they resonate with guests, learn new tools for personal growth and self-care as they join the shame rebellion. Download this episode to learn how YOU can unravel the mantel of shame.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shamerebel/

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Website: https://www.rainydaytherapy.net/

personal growth, relationships, self-care, self-esteem, shame, trauma