Episode #103: Ditch The Diets for A Healthier Life

What if you could ditch the diets and lose weight in healthier ways while you regain your confidence and strength to build a better life? Yes, it is possible, and Kerri Robertson can tell you how.

Kerri is a certified wellness practitioner, health coach, fitness nutrition specialist, and host of the Anti-Kale Health Coach podcast. She is also the founder and owner of Live More, where she coaches women of all walks of life how to build their best life.

Although Kerri has a degree in exercise science, she doesn’t like exercise, but she does love dance and music. Her past is filled with eating disorders, obesity, and unhealthy life choices. However, a frightening health diagnosis as a young adult gave her the motivation to turn her life around. Kerri shares her story with unparalleled energy and humor. Download this episode to hear her incredible story and learn valuable tips that you can use to build your best life now.


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