Bonus Episode #2: Enjoy Stress-Free Travel Experiences with Concierge Travel

Would you like to get away to enjoy a stress-free travel experience? And how do you know if it’s even possible to travel safely in these days of the pandemic still hanging over us? There is a solution.

 Shelley Rempe is the founder and owner of Concierge Travel: Creating Stress-Free Travel Experiences. Shelley is not only a business owner and an entrepreneur, but she is also a mom and a wife. She prides herself on taking care of her clients with the same dedication and attention that she cares for her family.

Her unique services include helping you decide what (and when) are the best travel options for you and your family. Shelley also specializes in business travel, and clients have full access to her 24/7, in case they experience travel glitches. Instead of being stranded, they have Shelley working behind the scenes to help them reach their destination.

Shelley also shares her many pearls of wisdom, including how to stay positive in challenging times, and to always look for the possibilities that present themselves. Download this episode to hear her travel tips, life lessons, and much more!


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