Bonus Episode #9: Feel Strong Fitness with Justin McClintock

Justin McClintock is the founder and owner of Feel Strong Fitness where he specializes in fitness, body composition, pain relief, and general health. He is passionate about helping people achieve their goals on their own terms based on their needs and lifestyle.

Justin’s attention, empathy, and deep technical knowledge allows him to create individually designed programs which are specific to each client. He is also the host of the Feel Strong Fitness podcast, which is all about fitness, training, coaching, nutrition, and more with experts in the field.

Justin shares his unique approach to health and fitness, including how he encourages and motivates his clients by developing creative and achievable programs for them, tapping into the power of mindset and the nervous system, and using a gentle but effective approach to physical activity. He covers a wide variety of topics with his positive and informative speaking style including visualization, breath work, self-awareness, eliminating pain and dysfunction, healthy aging, pregnancy, and much more.

Download this incredibly positive and informative episode to discover how you can feel strong and be fit, recover from pain and injuries, and stay physically active at every stage of life.

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