Episode #82: Functional Medicine and Ultimate Health

Dr. Alex Yampolsky is dedicated to restoring humanity to health care while building the future of functional and personalized medicine. As a PharmD (doctor of pharmacy), he often found himself struggling to get the quality time with his patients that he knew he would need in order to truly make a difference in their lives.

After ten years as a pharmacist along with navigating his own health journey with adrenal fatigue, he set out to change the world of medicine for himself, and for his patients. His passion is for building genuine, caring relationships with his patients while uncovering the true issues behind their symptoms. Together with his partner Dr. Tiffany Mullen, they founded a company called Vytal Health, a functional medicine clinic, where they provide their patients with the utmost attention, compassion, respect, and care as they help them heal from health issues that perplexed traditional health care providers.

Download this episode to learn valuable tips on how to take charge of your health and how functional medicine can help. After all, everyone deserves to live their healthiest life possible.

Website: https://vytalhealth.com/




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