Episode #81 The Magnificence of The Mystic Realm


In 2008 Stephanie Acello left her home and her job as a middle school teacher in Long Island to live on a farm in a small town in Colorado, where she follows her passions and her heart desires, grows her own food, and hangs out with her animal gurus. Stephanie has been on a path to self- discovery her entire life, and has always had a fascination by the wonder of the world. Although she started out as a bit of a rebel and trouble maker in her teen-aged years, she knew she had to find a way to change her ways.

Stephanie’s transformation began when she discovered Raja Yoga, burying herself in the study and practice of the method. This lead her to a deeper exploration of how the world works, and opened her mind, heart, spirit, and soul to the mystic realm. In this episode she shares her experiences, the importance of exploring the inner frontier that resides in all of us, and the gift of staying calm during turbulent times.

Stephanie also talks about her recently published book, “Pour Me Another Cup: Mystical Writings to Illuminate Your Soul,” a book of poetic reflections on life and how to peace, love, joy, happiness, tolerance and community in the world. Download this uplifting and inspirational episode to understand your inner truth and power, and be the light in the world that you want to be.

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