Episode #71: Survival, Choices, and Reclaiming Your Kingdom

Shari Petersen is a counselor, author, and a survivor. On February 24, 1989, Shari was a passenger on the ill-fated United Flight 811 from Honolulu to Auckland. Traveling four miles above the Pacific Ocean, the jumbo jet’s cargo door was ripped from its hinges, creating an enormous breach in the right side of the aircraft. Facing certain death, terrified passengers and crew were now at the mercy of the deadly incoming hurricane-force wind, ear shattering noise, and bitterly cold night air.

Nine passengers were instantly pulled through that gaping hole and cast into the dark night over the Pacific Ocean. Before taking off, Shari had been bumped out of one of those seats that had been assigned to her. She shares her gripping story about the about the mid-air explosion, being faced with certain death, surviving the incident, and then trying to put together the shattered pieces of her life.

Download this episode to hear Shari’s incredible story as well as helpful life lessons and personal development tips, including the circle of life, taking one for the team, reclaiming your kingdom, and living the life you’re meant to live.

Website: sharipetersenauthor.com