Episode #72: Strength, Courage, and BJJ

Rhyan Diller is a realtor, entrepreneur, and a blue belt in Brazilian Jujutsu. She shares her remarkable story about how BJJ changed her life and led her to pursue a healthier and more active lifestyle. She also describes how BJJ gave her the strength, courage, and confidence to leave a job which was not in alignment with her personal and professional values.

However, the same week she started her new job was when the pandemic hit, making her wonder if she had made the right decision. She did. She explains how the shelter in place orders gave her the time and space for self-reflection as well as the opportunity to slow down and set her priorities.      

Download this episode to hear Rhyan’s story of strength, courage, and empowerment as well as the many life lessons she learned on the mat which you can apply to every aspect of your life. 

Website: http://loveyourhood.com/