Episode #320: Heal Your Gut and Be Healthy for Life with Josh Dech

Josh Dech is a holistic nutritionist, gut health specialist, medical lecturer, educator, and former paramedic who quickly realized that he was working in sick care rather than health care.

That epiphany led him to pursue a career in the proactive health care field, and achieving remarkable success with his clients who experienced complex digestive issues which were previously thought to be impossible to heal. His success got him connected to some of the world’s most renowned physicians.

Since then, Josh has been recruited to the Priority Health Academy as a medical lecturer, helping to educate medical doctors in the holistic approach to gut health and complex digestive problems. He is also the host of the ReversABLE podcast, where he interviews the world’s most renowned doctors and other professionals regarding how to heal your gut and stay healthy, for life!

Josh shares his fascinating journey into the realm of natural health and healing as well as unleashing the incredible healing power which is in each and every one of us. He also shares valuable information, tips, and insights regarding gut health including the inflammatory reactions our body experiences through processed foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and more.

He explains why autoimmune diseases have become almost epidemic in our society, why our western medicine health care system focuses on “sick care” rather than health care, what we can do to take our health into our own hands, and how we can all live a healthy, vibrant life, without disease and medications.

Download this powerful episode and share it with everyone you know who wants to know the simple secrets of how to heal your gut and be healthy, for life!

QUOTE: “The Western Medicine health care system is sick care, not health care.” ~Josh Dech






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