Episode #313: Permanently Eliminate Anxiety and Reclaim Your Life with Daniel Packard

Daniel Packard is an Anxiety Solution Pioneer and a U.C. Berkeley Mechanical Engineer, who turned his painful 10-year-long battle with severe anxiety into a mission to engineer a permanent solution for anxiety.

After eight years or intensive research and testing, Daniel and his research developed the world’s only permanent anxiety solution program with a 90% success rate. And because he is so passionate about achieving results, his company is the only emotional health company in the world where clients only pay at the end, once their anxiety is completely resolved. Daniel also has a background in acting and has had fifteen years’ experience as a stand-up comedian.

Daniel’s father was an inventor, who told him that if something isn’t working, invent something better. Daniel was so fascinated by this philosophy as well as his dad’s creations, that when mountain bikes burst onto the scene, instead of buying one he built his own, eventually earning his degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Through his own struggles with anxiety, spending $100,000 over ten years with no results, he finally decided to look at anxiety through the eyes of an engineer. Which is to see a problem, find a solution, test, and retest the results until the problem is solved.

Daniel explains that he started looking at anxiety as a mechanical problem, not a psychological one, since he realized that anxiety is in the body, not the mind. He further describes that the human body consists of a series of systems, and the one which was broken was being ignored, which was the nervous system. Which is why he and his team focused on the nervous system, and developed the 6-week program called Nervous System Reset which has helped hundreds of individual clients but also over 3,000 people at over 300 companies and universities all over the world.

Daniel’s unique background as an engineer as well as an actor and comedian makes for a fascinating, enlightening, and entertaining episode, where he explains the mechanics of anxiety, why it took an engineer to solve the problem, and why the mental health and self-improvement industry owe their followers an apology.

Download this informative episode with its positive message of hope and healing. Because Daniel passionately believes another important lesson his dad told him years ago, which is that if you really want to make people’s lives better, results matter. And because results do matter, no one has to live with anxiety, and all of us can find our path to permanently eliminate it and reclaim our lives.






QUOTE: “Anxiety is a feeling of being unsafe, which is mechanical, not psychological.” ~Daniel Packard

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