Episode #298: The Heart of Being a Man with George @thetinmen

George, simply known as @thetinmen, is a blogger and advocate who is broadening perspectives and conversations regarding men. He shares uncomfortable conversations and ugly truths that others don’t want to talk about, along with the unpopular other half of gender equality, and men’s mental health.

He courageously and unapologetically shares valuable information and statistics regarding how men are treated in today’s society, including being marginalized, denigrated, and disrespected. Through creating important content and developing a strong community of followers, George exposes the myths regarding the role of men in society, in the educational system, in relationships, and the horrific statistics regarding depression, mental health issues, and the epidemic of suicide among men.

Download this fascinating episode and discover why George’s message is having such a positive impact, why it really isn’t controversial, why so many of his followers happen to be women, and the heart of being a man.



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