Episode #267: How to Outsmart and Outrun Father Time with Barry Karch

Barry Karch is a Broker and Owner of The Real Estate Power Houses, which is a real estate company for the new era embracing technology to provide cutting edge service for their clients. He is also the host of the Running for Your Life podcast, which is a podcast for mature runners who refuse to give in to Father Time and are dedicated to getting better every day and getting fit together to live a long and healthy life.

Barry describes how he was in his 30s when he discovered running and found a highly motivated training partner in a pizza parlor, of all places. That launched him from casual runs to training for 5Ks, half marathons, and full marathons. After several years, he was done with that level of training, and went back to a less intense training program. And that’s when he developed his true passion for running.

Barry shares his passion and his love for running along with many valuable secrets to health, fitness, and outsmarting Father Time through running or any other physical activity, especially as we get older. Some of these include rejecting the belief that we can’t get better as we get older, each decade is better than the one before, finding your big “why’” and delighting in what you are able to accomplish, no matter how big or small.

Download this positive, inspiring, and informative episode to learn how we can all outsmart and outrun Father Time!




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